Setup for syncing caldav with osx 10.6 cal server

I put in the settings amd it comes up with communication error.
While on my mac using the same settings i can connect just fine.

The URL for the OS X CalDAV server should in the following format:


(with “http” at the beginning, the forum turns it into a link if I type it directly there)

Ok great thanks i got that to work.
Do you know by chance what the directory for the CardDav would be?

The URL for CardDAV would be

Note that the currently released version can’t upload new or modified contacts to the Apple Addressbook Server. The problem will be resolved in the next update which is currently scheduled to be released in two weeks or sooner.

We are migrating from MS Exchange and I am looking for an alternative to MS Outlook which will allow for server based calendars and address book from a Windows client.

I was able to establish connectivity to the OSX iCal server as described above. However, it seems to break when I try to do so via SSL ( my IMAP and SMTP connections to the same server via SSL/TLS are ok ). The error message is basically:

4:35:28 PM OSX_Cal [CalDAV] The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

With the Apple Addressbook Server I have problems with uploading contacts as you describe ( the server complains about your vCard version ). I also found that I could not synchronize the other way, that is download Contacts from the OSX server.