Setup a rule that is domain specific and not E-mail address specfic

Can I setup a rul in EM Client that allows me to move any received E-mail to a folder based on the domain it came from rather than a specific E-mail account?

For instance. any E-mail from gets moved to a EMClient folder instead of having to setup a rule for each mail source within

I know in Seamonkey mail where I’m coming from they have a Contains case for the sender that covers this.

Here’s how mine looks:


Very nice. I tried it with *@ and that didn’t work.

Thank you very much.

I couldn’t find anything in the online help about this.

There is no * in my rule

Sorry, I meant I tried it and it didn’t work with the * but doing it as you showed works great.

Again, thank you.

That will not be the only thing you will find missing in the help file.

Glad to be of help…

Yes, the help file is hopelessly out of date. There have been many new features since version 6 that are not mentioned and some essential features have no details besides a cursory description.

Entering text to be searched in the Rule already means it will include anything before or after, so even though wildcards are not entered, is essentially **.

* will search for the actual asterisk followed by the at sign, followed by the e, etc.


This is made easier in the upcoming 8.2 release: