Setting up Yahoo as POP totally emptied all emails on Yahoo servers...

I installed EM client for the first time, everything went smooth, downloading my 5 years of emails from Yahoo mail servers, and then, I realized that there is no more email on the Yahoo servers!!
I still don’t understand what happened and how do I remedy this?
Is it a bug or a feature?

How did you setup your Yahoo account in eM Client? If you used POP3, then all your e-mails will be downloaded to your computer and might have been removed from the (Yahoo) server.

If you don’t want the e-mail to be removed, you should use IMAP.

On the other hand, even for POP3 there is a setting to leave the e-mail on the server (if I’m not mistaken).

Yes, I had set the POP account to leave all messages on server, just like I have been doing for all these years using Thunderbird, without any issues.
Now it looks like EM client blatantly ignored the setting, it is a real disaster, 11 years of emails got wiped out of the Yahoo mail server…

What I am doing over the last 2 days now is that I created another IMAP instance, which came up with 0 emails, because of the disaster, and I transfer all the eamils to the IMAP instance… It is uploading back the emails to the Yahoo server, but it takes ages and is draining my phone’s battery along the process, as it is trying to keep up with the number of emails showing up on the server…

Needless to say, I am utterly displeased about the experience…

Hi, there’s a setting for this in Tools > Accounts > Your account > POP3, there’s also a setting that says “Remove from server after X days”, is it possible this might have cause the issue?

Thank you,

I was aware of that setting, by default it was set to Remove from server when deleted from deleted from server, and remove from server after X days was UNchecked. and right away I left checked just leave a copy of messages on server.
This should be mandatory anyways nowadays, since anybody has one that more device accessing a mailbox.
Bu to answer that question, I made sure this would not create an issue, and something did anyways… I still don’t comprehend what it is, and can’t trust EM until I figure it out. I believe this is no user error but that there is a bug somewhere…