Setting up Office 365 account - I do not see calendar or contacts.

My first account on em client is a gmail account and it works great.  I’m adding a second account on em client that is an office 365 email business account.  Why doesn’t calendar or contacts show up when I enter in the proper information?


Hi, how are you setting up the account? Did you go to Tools > Accounts and selected “Create new account” and used the automatic setup?
Calendars and Contacts should be automatically synchronized even with the Office 365 accounts, without any issues.

Can you make a screenshot of the issue and your account settings for this account?

Also note that for business use you’re not allowed to use the free license, as eM Client is free for home/personal use only and commercial/business users have to purchase a license.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul, 

Thanks for your quick response.

I use em client for gmail at home and would also like to use it to check my work email (office 365) as well, rather than use OWA. When I’m at work I use outlook.  Is this still ok? or do I need to purchase a business license.  Please let me know.

As far as setup, yes I start with the automatic setup and this is what I get:

To get mail to work I needed to change the IMAP server to on port 993 and the SMTP server to on port 587.  

Based on this information:…


Hi again Todd, you’ve managed to setup the account as IMAP, are you sure this was done by the automatic setup?
Can you create a new account and instead of using the automatic setup, switch to the mail tab below and select Outlook and proceed with the steps, that should setup the AirSync account instead where all your calendars should be shown.

Unfortunately the IMAP account from Outlook 365 or hotmail etc. still does not support Calendars and Contacts.

Thank you, hope this helps,

Thank you!  I followed your suggestion and used the mail tab then selected Outlook to create the account this time (I thought I had tried this before but apparently not).  All I had to do next was change the server name to and now it is working!

One more question, will I be able to see shared calendars that I can in Outlook? So far it doesn’t look like I can but I can’t see them in my outlook app on android either so I’m guessing probably not.

Anyway thanks for your help I really do appreciate it!


Hi Todd, unfortunately shared calendars on Office365 are currently not supported in eM Client, only delegated calendars at the moment.
But the feature is planned for future releases of eM Client?

Thank you,

Ok no problem.  

I have been getting this error quite a bit since I’ve been running the outlook account (several times an hour):

MailExceptions.OperationException: Error in client/server conversion.

Hi Todd, I’m sorry for the confusion, can you setup the account as Exchange instead of, just create a new account, switch from the automatic setup to the mail tab and select Exchange and proceed with the steps. That should solve the issue…

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul.  Yes I was also having syncing issues where messages that I read in em client did not show up later as “read” in outlook.

The problem with setting it up as Exchange under the mail tab, is that I end up with the same screen as I posted above.  Any ideas?

Hi again Todd, does that mean that by setting up the account as Exchange won’t display the Calendars again?

Thank you,

Correct.  Although I think I’m on to something. If I use my alias email address (i.e. when I create the account, it shows calendar, etc.  Its still setting up at the moment.

Hi again, ok, keep me posted if this results in successfully creating the account with calendars etc.
It’s important that you use the proper settings to your account…

Thank you,

Yes it was successful. No more errors and no more sync problems.  To recap, the steps for me to get this to work was:

  • Create an account using “Exchange” under the mail tab

  • Email address: I used my “alias” email found in the administration area of office365 for my account (for example:

  • User name: I used my office 365 user name (for example:

  • Password: I used my office 365 password

Once the account was created, I went back and revised my email address to be how I wanted it to show up in the “From” box of my emails. 

Also I did notice for the server it put in automatically

Hi again Todd, great, glad to hear that, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Is there any update on when shared calendars might be available from 365 accounts using EM Client?

Hi Mark, we currently only support delegated folders, maybe in future releases.

Thank you,

Any update on using office 365 shared calendars in em client?  If it had this we would be using em client company-wide instead of outlook in a heartbeat.


Hi Todd,
unfortunately we do not support shared calendars yet, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.