Setting up new email account


I am checking em Client and having issues sending mail. What are the email server settings I should be using?

Those settings would be available from your ISP web site

Okay thanks.

So they have nothing to do with em client?

What type of email account are tying to set up - e.g MS, Gmail or what?
Most of the time you can just click on eM Client’s menu, select “Accounts”, “Add Account” and let eM Client set it up for you after entering the new email address. So it may be easier to delete what you got and start again.
nb. If you are using the free licence you can only add a max of two email addresses

My email account is at

I don’t see it on the menu when adding an account.” isn’t an email address. The format is “username@xxx.yyy”

Once you have the email address, use it to create an account on eM client by clicking on “menu/accounts/addaccount”

I’ve just found this on “ site”. Use the IMAP (SSL) settings shown here when setting up via em Client.
Hope this helps

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Excellent, I am now up and running without issue.

Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. Have a good one.