Setting up contact foldres for two separate accounts

I have already setup two different e-mail accounts. The problem was/is setting up contacts for each account separately so only the addresses for the specific account are grouped together. I don’t want a long list of both sets of addresses.

When I tried this the 1st time, I managed to add two named folders under ‘Contacts’ but when I went to compose a e-mail to send and went to add a contact, the only folder shown was ‘Contacts’, the added folders were not there.

Ok what’s wrong??

If you click the down arrow next to All Contacts, it should display a list of folders. That might be your online contacts, as well as local contact folders. There is also a small down arrow next to Contacts in that list to expand the sub-folders.

If these are not showing, make sure Local Folders are enabled in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

After stumbling around for some time, I discovered you have to ‘double click’ the Contacts folder to open up the sub folders (in that screen shot). There are no other tabs or buttons I have found that make you do this.

The whole process of adding contacts especially when there is a 2nd account is ridiculous and is seriously broken.  One would think M$ wrote this. This is not user friendly. This “Local Folders” only adds to the confusion.

Creating accounts should automatically create the needed folders.  As far as those other contact options (that I never heard of before) those are useless except to the few that use have used those.

They need to look over M2 from Opera, they got it right, this sure as hell isn’t.

There was no need to stumble around. You need to click the small down arrow next to Contacts. Sorry if you missed that from my previous post and wasted time. Here is a before and after showing the down arrow and the sub-folders.

The process of adding contacts is the same with one account as it is with two or more. You create the contact and select the folder before you click save.

Maybe you could explain a little more exactly how this is broken in your installation of eM Client. If there is some problem I am sure we can find a solution.

Depending on the email provider and the services they offer, setting up an account will setup separate folders for email, contacts, calendar and tasks for each account. Where the email provider does not offer online syncing of contacts and calendars, these will need to be in local folders as there is nowhere else they can be. But you can manually setup a separate folder for each and name it as you wish so there is no confusion.

They don’t even need to be sub-folders of Contacts. You can create them on the same level.

Maybe then there will be less confusion when selecting recipients.

I shouldn’t of missed that arrow pointing to the carrot, but frustration level is high with this and another issue connected to this forced switch from a working system due to no fault of mu own. “New isn’t always better”. Separate subject.

Based on your response, it appears eM Client assumes that the mail account(s) are from only Web accessible accounts (Yahoo etc.) with everything stored there, not from a ISP based  e-mail client service like I have. Of course if they would of make that clear , it could of eliminated at least some of this. Another example of program writers assuming the user knows as much as they do.

My current, long time client program is M2 built into Opera Classic (one of many reasons I have stuck with this version). The contacts are stored locally in a adr file.

I did the initial setup manually since I know the two addresses needed. It didn’t appear the automatic version wanted to work (which I didn’t expect it to due to too many variables). No contact folders were created which appears to be a/the reason for the problem.

I see in your screen shots the folders Account 1 & 2 under Contacts. I don’t have those.

I have my contacts for each account and I had to convert them to a cvs file, but they all get merged together into one list from the two they are in.

Looking back over the web site help section, this page during setup was not there which explains more of the problems ;

With Automatic Setup, depending on what the email provider offers, that is what it will setup. Obviously eM Client does not have configuration details for every single service provider, so maybe you are using one of those. But this is improving with every release.

With a manual setup, you are setting up the various components yourself individually. So setting up mail would not automatically setup contacts from the same provider.

I think most email accounts are now web accessible, but I understand what you mean. eM Client certainly is well tuned to providers like GMail, but also works very well with email only accounts.

If you exported all the contacts to a single csv file, then yes they would all have been imported into the same folder. If you had them as individual csv files, one for each account, then you can import them separately, and specify the correct folder for them to be imported into.

The drop-down list in the new email windows will offer you first All Contacts. That is exactly what it says - all contacts. That means both Folder 1 and Folder 2. Below that you can select the individual folders. So contacts in Folder 2 will not be visible if you selected Folder 1.

I think the image above is for a GMail account, so that would not be the same for other providers.

Then it sounds as this will never work correctly. Again, my contacts are on my PC, not in their server since I created them here.

This is clearly a shortsighted issue made worse by the lack of specifics on their web site. Period.

I have to echo videobruce here:

“Based on your response, it appears eM Client assumes that the mail account(s) are from only Web accessible accounts (Yahoo etc.) with everything stored there, not from a ISP based  e-mail client service like I have.”

My contacts lists only show my 3 GMail accounts, but none of my regular ISP-based accounts - even though I can access them via Horde/webmail (if I have to). They’re all IMAP.

Is there a way I can add them manually?

The IMAP protocol is for messaging only, not contacts. But if the regular ISP-based accounts offer contacts via CardDAV, and many do, then you can add them. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and add a new account by clicking on the + icon. Then choose Contacts > CardDAV.

Gary! Many thanks for this. I successfully added two ISP-style accounts (both supported CardDAV). I’m new to emClient, so many of its workings and features are new to me, but it really is an amazingly powerful email client - and by far the best I’ve ever used (and I go back to pre “Eudora” days!!!).

Glad it is working for you now. :slight_smile: