Setting up an account with go daddy domain

I have a go daddy generated email domain and need help setting up an account. I have entered the incoming and outgoing settings that I previously had and it is not recognizing it for eM.

The client support IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. Please provide more information regarding your email server settings from your current client i.e which protocols and TCP/IP ports used.

For networks, a port means an endpoint to a logical connection. The port number identifies what type of port it is. Here are the default email ports for:

POP3 - port 110
IMAP - port 143
SMTP - port 25
HTTP - port 80
Secure SMTP (SSMTP) - port 465
Secure IMAP (IMAP4-SSL) - port 585
IMAP4 over SSL (IMAPS) - port 993
Secure POP3 (SSL-POP) - port 995