Setting up a Gmail account in eM Client

I’m trying to set up an existing Gmail account in eM Client. I particularly wish to use POP3. In attempting to send Emails I’m getting a ‘SMTP Server does not support authentication’ message and although the Email address and password have been entered correctly they are not recognised. I have set the Email address up manually. Account Name is set to my Email address as is User Information – Email and the Authentication Login Name. POP3 server is set to, Port 995 and Authentication – Use SSL/TLS on Special Port (Legacy). In Authentication I have tried both ‘Use Identity Credentials’ and ‘Use these credentials being my Email and password. SMTP is set to Port 587 and Security policy is set to Use SSL/TLS on Special Port (Legacy). Authentication is ticked and both options have been tried. Can you please advise?

You first have to enable POP in your gmail web-client.  In your web-client go to Settings | Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable POP (see screenshot, I have IMAP enabled, but you would need to enable POP)

Thank you. I’ve changed the settings in Gmail as recommended. I’ve then set up the account manually and it fails to recognise my Gmail account name/Email address and/or the password.