Setting up 2nd account - error in settings

I have previously set up a hotmail account. That’s fine. I wish now to set up a second hotmail account. Unfortunately I get an error message saying my settings are incorrect for this new account. Not sure why. I have just gone with what was set out. My main account continues to work all right. What do i need to do or change?

domingo 29 agosto 2021 :: 1003hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @corrado11a

Using Automatic Configuration I guess there will be a conflict between the previously
set up Account and your second, so do the following:

Delete the second account if it is visible.
Add Account ->Enter email address ->DO NOT click START ->Click Mail ->Other ->Next
Follow instructions on screen to completion.

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That is fine if you want to manually setup the account, and only want messaging. If you want calendars and contacts as well, use the Automatic Setup.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Add Account button.

In the Automatic Setup, enter your email address and click Start

Follow the instructions and give the step where the setup fails. Screenshot will be best.