Setting to open previous email in list?

When reading emails, is it possible to set up eMClient  to open the previous item in the list after the current one is closed or moved?

Hello Frank,

By default, eM Client opens next email after you delete the upper one. It operates in the direction UP - DOWN so if you wish to open the newer item instead of older one, you would need to change the order of inbox. You can change the order in the upper right corner where you can see “Newest/Oldest”

I hope this answered your question.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Russel.
I had already tried reversing the listing order as you suggested after reading some other posts on the matter. I keep ‘pending action’ read emails in my inbox and I’m so used to so many years of using Outlook and keeping them at the bottom of my inbox. I tried categorizing my read pending emails and sorted my inbox by category with a secondary sort of the new emails by reverse date but I couldn’t get to where I wanted to as the secondary sort on date always put the newest on top. I also have my Android email client (Bluemail) set to open the previous email on closure.
I was just inquiring as to whether there was a setting somewhere that I was missing or whether it was a planned feature enhancement or candidate.
Thanks anyway for a great product.