Setting for «Number of weeks in month view» reverts to default on startup of eM Client

Under Tools:Settings:Calendar:General:

The dropdown menu for «Number of weeks in month view» keeps reverting back to «6» every time eM Client starts up.

I’d like to keep it on 3 weeks, but when I open up eM Client in the morning after turning on my computer, that value reverts back to 6 weeks, and I have to manually change it back to 3 again.

can you tell me what version of eM Client are you using?
Is this issue happening even when you just reopen eM Client or just when you restart the computer?

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Apologies for not being more clear with my description of the bug.


The setting reverts to 6 weeks whenever I reopen eM Client. If I close the application then immediately restart it, the setting is back to 6 weeks.

This problem only started occurring when I upgraded to this current version. The previous version did not exhibit this problem.

this feature has been causing few issues and will be removed in the next release.
I’m sorry if this has been an important feature for you, if there’ll be a wide user impulse to support this feature again,
we’ll try to improve it for next releases.

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Thanks for looking into it, Paul.

And obviously, I wish you could fix the problem and keep the feature in the application. When it was working (in previous v6 releases), I loved having it!

This feature was discussed extensively here:…

I agree, the current implementation is not ideal, but it does allow scrolling by whole months using the arrow keys. I think it could be improved by scrolling to the beginning of the next month using the arrow keys, but leave the number of weeks per page as defined on the settings page.

Thanks Mike for posting. I now understand that two competing features resulted in the problem that I described.

One possible fix would be to add a “multiweek” view that’s separate from month view. In this proposed multiweek view, the number of weeks displayed onscreen could be changed by the user, and using the arrow keys would jump forward/back by that number of weeks.