Setting Filters

I am trying to setup filters to move my emails to specific folders. I have been over it a few times but they still are not being moved as directed. What is wrong and what can I do to remedy the problem? Please let me know. Thanks


Hi, do you receive your emails already read (for example on some other device?)


Hi, I receive my emails from my ISP not read. I have set my filters to move the emails to certain folders that I have established, but they not get moved they stay in my inbox.

could you make screenshot of one or two rules you have set and post it here? I might be able to see some issue in them.


Here is a screen shot of one of the filters I haaave set. If you want more or or a different shot let me know. Thanks


I sent a screenshot 4 days ago and have not heard anymore about this problem. Please reply so it can be fixed. Thank you

Mike Brown

I am still waiting for a reply but no one is answering my requests. Is this how a problem is addressed? Just ignore it. I got a fast reply to my original post requesting more info. I responded to that request but now I am being ignored. Some customer service.

This is community forum, when we as staff have work on paid support we focus more on them.

Anyway some user is having similar issue like you do, are you using sleep mode for your computer?


No, I am not using sleep mode at least I don’t think so. I do shut down my computer every night. I just checked my power settings and it says that it is never to sleep.



I have same problem
Filters are working if you set ‘aaaaa AT aaa dot com’
bbbbbbbb AT aaa dot com

It doesnt work if you set the name aaa
or ‘aaa dot com’ only.

The Grandma Duck would have done it better!