Setting eM Client V7 as default mail app in Windows 10 x64

Despite all settings in Windows 10, file types, protocols, etc.,  stating that eM-Client is the default email app, eM-Client continues to state that it is NOT the default email app.  I’ve trawled through numerous forums, including this one, and tried everything suggested, but to no avail.
Any thoughts would be appreciated

Hello Rod,
have you tried to manually add and remove the allowed protocols?
Have you tried installing .NET 3.5?


Hello Olivia

Yes I have installed  .NET3.5, and also removed and then added protocols again.  eM-Client is working perfectly, just refusing to state that it is the default app.  The situation is the same on my pc and my notebook, both are running Windows 10 with the latest updates.


Hi…I am having the same problem? I have gone to Settings and the Default Apps and it indicates EM Client is the default mail app. However under “Settings” in EM client it indicates that EM Client is not the default mail handler???

Can anyone help with this?

I have the same issue. One application, Hallmark Card Studio says I don’t have a default email set up. I’ve updated Windows with .Net 3.5, set as default. Works when I right click a file to send to email, but not showing in the Settings. Not sure if that’s what is causing my Hallmark issue or not.

My eM Client also shows it is not the default mail handler, however all works ok.

Hi there,

look at this:
It works.