Setting Default Email Account

I have two email accounts, one through and the other gmail.  I want to have the Charter account as the default but I get an error message stating:  

“The default mail account is required to have both incoming (IMAP or POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) email services enabled.”

I tried to edit the charter account but under services only IMAP is shown (and checked).  I don’t see how to add the SMTP info.  Is this an issue with or am I doing something wrong?  

Hi Jim,

are you looking for this?


Thanks for responding Fritz.  Unfortunately, when I go to my account there is no tab for SMTP just IMAP.  

Hello Jim,
seems like your SMTP server could not be recognized during the Automatic Account set up.
I recommend setting up that account manually again using the Mail>Other option in the New Account window.
Choose IMAP and set incoming server to and outgoing to