Setting a default timezone in Version 6 Calendar

In version 6, I notice when I create a new calendar event, it asks to Set Timezone next to the date/time. When I do this, it sets the timezone, but when I create another calendar event, it asks to set the timezone again. Is there a way to set a default timezone for all calendar events? This was there in version 5. Not seeing it in Settings. Please help.

Hi, 5th version did not supported Timezones so I am not sure where you tried to setup them.

Timezones always take their settings from system, if you have in windows +1 they will be default always +1, this was same for 5th version.


That makes sense. Thanks. After “playing” with it a bit more, I noticed what took place. In version 6, there is a link next to the date/time for Set Time Zone. I thought I always had to set the timezone and it didn’t take the system time zone. This is good to know. What I did notice is that items I created in version 5 didn’t transfer over to version 6 that well. The reason for this is I would open an item that was created in version 5 and the time zone shows as America/Chicago (I am in the CST time zone). This didn’t happen for all events, but for some, I would have to change the time zone in that event so it would display correctly in the calendar view. So the fix I did was change it from America/Chicago to Central Time. This seemed to correct the display issues. Hope this explanation helps.

And to add, in version 5, it would always show next to the date/time what time zone you are creating this event in. In version 6, this doesn’t display, which is why I assumed you always had to set the timezone. You letting me know it always takes the system default, helps clear this up. Thanks!

You are welcome and thank you for updated information about your issue.