Set up Icloud calendar not working

I have set a a Icloud account in EMclient to sync my calender. However it does not connect and keeps asking me to give a username en password.

Hello, are you seeing any errors displayed in the authentication window, if you’re being prompted for password, I’m afraid the credentials you’re using to authenticate with the server are not correct or the connection between your computer and the mail server is blocked by an external element.

if you’re using any security software on your computer, try to temporarily disable it and check if the issue persists and you’re still unable to setup the account with eM Client.


Hello Paul,

The error it gives is just Authentication Failed. I’m not using any security software.

The only thing I can think of is that I’m setting up connection with Icloud, but I’m not using an icloud email address; (so the extension is not; as the set requires to only use the first part of the email address as username.

The calender is syncing, but I just keep getting promted for authentication.



Hello, if you’re trying to setup a calendar account only and you’re not using iCloud mail services (e.g. don’t have an email address), please follow these instructions on how to setup the account with eM Client .

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul, I followed these instructions in the first place, but still it does not work. Retried today, but no. It still says authentication failed.



Authentication failed is mostly referring to a credentials issue, are you completely sure you’re using valid credentials, are you able to login using this password and username to your webmail at As an iCloud user, you should have an available @icloud / @me account available, can you please try to setup the account using your Apple ID and your address?

Thank you,