Set specific spam folder

I need to set a specific spam folder so that these messages I designate get copied to that place on our server and it can “learn.” I can’t seem to get those folders to sync. There’s a Spam folder under Trash for eM client, but I have another spam folder under Inbox that my server uses. When I “move to Junk” it moves the messages to the Spam folder under Trash that isn’t monitored by the server. How do I change the location of the spam folder or set up the Move to junk filter to look at a specific location?

Hello Karen,
if the Spam folder is automatically recognized incorrectly in eM Client, you can manually change it in the Tools>Accounts section.
Right-click the correct Spam folder and open the Properties window. Copy the server location of this folder.

Then go to the Tools>Accounts section and under IMAP tab scroll down to Special folders.
Uncheck the Automatically detect special folder names option.
Change the Location of the Junk folder to your Spam folder’s server location.

Now your spam folders should synchronize correctly.