Set Rules to Fire Automatically


How do you set rules to fire on startup or close down?

Also, is there any way to set a rule to fire when an e-mail is sent or received?

I’m using eM Client v4.0.15145.0 on Windows 7 Home.

Many thanks.

Do you mean to start eM client when booting up Windows?

What do you mean by ‘to fire’ when e-mail is sent or received?

Thanks very much for your reply TNCS. I was initially unfamiliar with the software so asked some questions which didn’t need to be asked.

When I first started using eM client, the rules I set up to move e-mails to different folders didn’t seem to work when the e-mails arrived. I had to manually run each rule. That seemed a little odd to me.

However, the rules started working “automatically” (when the emails arrived) and… I’m not really sure why. I must have been looking in the wrong place to begin with or… some such.

It all seems to be working fine now though. Thanks once again for taking the time to look at my question.

Warmest Regards