Set Folder for Sent Message "On the Fly"

I would like to define the folder for storing a sent email message at the time I am composing the message.  I cannot use Rules since it varies - I only know as I’m typing the message where I want to file it.
I am currently using Eudora, and looking to switch to eM Client - but this is a feature that I use all the time and I will be lost without it.  In Eudora, while composing the message, you can right mouse click and set the folder in which to file the message.  (in addition to “rules”).
Is this possible in eM Client?  I sure hope so.


Hi Susan, unfortunately this feature is currently not available in eM client, we’re currently considering adding the feature to future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Paul - thanks for the quick reply - at least I now know the definitive answer.

I played around a bit last night with rules - thinking maybe I could construct a rule that would accomplish what I wanted.  I created a rule that if I sent an email to “[email protected]”, that it would auto-file into the “MyStuff” folder.  I then sent an email with the bcc of “[email protected]”. Unfortunately, the rule did not run.  When I sent another email with the actual recipient “send to” as “[email protected]”, the rule executed properly.

What this tells me is that the “send to” rule only works on the actual “send to” and not on the bcc.  Is this correct?  Is there a way to construct the rule to work on the bcc?

Thanks again…Susan

Hi again Susan,
unfortunately this really isn’t applied to emails included in the bcc field, I’m submitting this request to the developers, but can’t promise when this might be fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience,