set Delete to remove label in gmail

For gmail accounts, is there anyway to set the delete key to only remove the label in the particular folder the message is in?  This would keep the message in remaining folders (if applicable) and in the all mail folder. 

Hello Joe,
unfortunately, this is not possible.
This function only works for the Inbox folder by using the Archive function, which removes the Inbox label.


Careful: this sounds like the delete-key would archive from the inbox. But delete deletes (move to trash). There is a different hotkey for archive and a button can be added to the toolbar. The function, by the way, is quite buggy: in the current version the button appears also when in “all inboxes” but it has no function there.

In fact using the button or hotkey when in “all inboxes”, currently crashes my eMClient.

I hope it will be fixed to at least simply do nothing, like in the last RC, or better: not be available, greyed out or not shown when it has no function anyway.

Hello Andreas,
the delete key can be mapped to Archiving shortcut, and Delete shurtcut can be changed to anything else as well, of course. I assumed that’s what Joe meant, but I probably should have elaborated.

Move to Archive button should be greyed out in All Inboxes for me when un-needed and I experience no crashed with this functionality.
If you do, can you please make a post about it and share the crash report so we can analyze this problem?


Thanks for the info about mapping :slight_smile:

The “Move to Archive” problem seems to have been mostly fixed with the latest update. (I had reported it I think) Even better: now I CAN archive from "all inboxes"to the respective “all messages” folder of the account :))

When no inbox folder is selected, the button is not greyed out but completely gone, good since it has no function in that folder anyway.

One small strange issue remains: in smart folders other than “all inboxes” the button remains with no function, and if the selected folder is empty all buttons are greyed out except the archive-button.

Hello Andreas,
thank you for the feedback on this, I’ll forward the Archive button issue from other smart folders to our developers, I did not notice that one :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Another small glitch in that context: when the mail is opened in a pop up window from within “all inboxes” it does not show the “Move to Archive” button, even if configured that way with “customize”. The button shows only if the mail was opened from within a single inbox.

I suppose since archiving from all inboxes is a new feature, it is not yet reflected fully in that view.

I’ve come across this thread whilst attempting to create a new issue:

I rebound the DEL key to “move to archive” (and Shift-DEL) to delete “proper”. However, even after restarting the application, when pressing DEL, the UI confirms that I want to delete the current item (which I cancel out of). So either the confirmation isn’t linked to an actual delete operation, or the rebinding doesn’t work. Please assist.

I personally would find another key to use, as Del has a long established function in Windows. I don’t think it makes sense to have that specific key perform different actions in different applications. How about something that you may not use very often, like F12?

Ok, so, like an iPhone user, I’m just “holding it wrong”? I don’t care what other people use delete for, honestly. And if I’m “not allowed” to rebind DEL to do this, then I shouldn’t be able to rebind DEL. Sorry if I sound frustrated – it’s because I am: telling someone to just work around something because “that’s how everyone else does it” doesn’t make sense to me.

At some point, long ago, gmail used to treat IMAP delete commands as an “unlabel, move to archive”, but I think they changed it to cater for users who wanted a real delete. I never delete – there’s no need, with all the available storage, and there are plenty of times I have to go dumpster-diving in my mail.

So, sure, you can personally find another key to use. I would really like the application to do what it says it’s going to do: archive when I hit DEL, because that’s how I configured it. Or don’t allow me to rebind DEL, if it’s that important to work like everything else.

I suggest you look at changing the function of the Del key in Windows as it has a very basic function built into the OS. When you have done that, then it may work as you require in Windows applications.

No, thank-you. Forward-deleting is pretty-much the primary purpose of the delete key when writing text. I don’t want to change that.

But consider your own statement: what does Windows do when you hit the delete button on a file in Explorer? Does that file actually get deleted? Or does it go to the Trash? Hint: it’s not the former. And, most importantly, there’s no lifetime on stuff in the trash, unlike trashed items at gmail, which only have a lifespan of a month or so. Archived mails don’t get expunged, so that’s really what I’m looking for. If I had infinite disk space, I’d never empty the trash either – what would the point be?

But, larger than that: if an application offers the ability to rebind keys and then ignores the bindings the user sets, there’s a name for that: BUG. I understand if no-one wants to fix that bug. There could be more important things to do. Or perhaps it’s just not considered important enough. Then I would expect someone on the product team to outright say so, and I would also expect that, at some point, the application wouldn’t allow me to think I have rebound the key, when I quite clearly haven’t.

I also totally recognise that this product is made available as-is, for free. And I appreciate that, so, as stated above, if the official response is that a user reporting a feature that doesn’t work as advertised is unimportant, then I guess: ̄_(ツ)_/ ̄ I have zero power to change that.

You are not powerless. If you want to make a proposal for changes to be considered in future releases of eM Client, you can do that by starting an idea post on this forum. The developers will certainly consider any idea that shows enough interest. So start a new post, but choose Idea instead of Question, Problem or Praise.

If I were asking for a new feature, that’s what I would have done, 100%.

But I’m not: I’m reporting a fault in the application: it doesn’t do what it says it will do: allow me to rebind DEL to another action. It may seem minor to you because it’s not how you would do it. It’s important to me because I see that the app offers a key rebinding feature and it’s not working as advertised.

No matter – this discourse has been great in that it made me evaluate MailBird, which offers some nice UI stuff and which I could support for only $14, a lot cheaper than the pro cost of EM, at $49. So a hearty thanks for that (:

Sure if Mailbird allows you to redefine what the delete key does ya should go for it!!!  

No, it just doesn’t pretend that it does (: it does provide gmail-like shortcuts and UI enhancements which I think are quite useful.
I mean, if I can’t use the features the app says are available, they might as well not be there – and I’m free to select another app.

That’s what I always say; if it’s not working for you, find something else. Happy you found it davydm. :slight_smile:

As we already got off-topic, and in case anyone is interested, there are other email providers besides GMail. My provider allows separate configuration of the retention age for each folder including Trash. You can set it from 1 day to unlimited. 

And combined with unlimited email storage, that might be useful for some.