set "default view" for mail folders

Is there a way to create a Default “view” for all mail folders and then apply it to all at one time? I converted from Outlook and have a large number of sub-folders and it is a pain to have to change them all manually on an individual basis. Specifically the “To” column that seems to be omitted in the standard view.

Once you set up a folder the way you like, right click in the folder headerings area and select the Apply Column Configuration to Other Folders option. I discovered that the hard way, after custom setting dozens of folders manually. Sigh.

Thanks very much, that was very helpful and appears to have worked like a charm. I have just under 1700 folders, so a way to apply to all was a big help.

That is a lot of folders. Makes me wonder exactly what you are using eMC for these days. Usually this is a hit of some email spammer activity. Just wondering. Or maybe you just happen to have a few thousand specific customers to track in some sales and marketing or tech support environment.

Just a lot of email to (and from) a wide variety of people, each with their own little project, and I like to keep a pretty substantial history of email trails.

You asked “Why eMC?” - there are a couple of things I like about it - it’s free and that doesn’t hurt, as my budget for this is minimal. eMC also offers some nice functionality relating to Google Sync (contacts and calendar), automated backups, etc.


Actually I asked what you are using eMC for these days, not “why”. Your answered my question. Thanks.

True - the way I read it the first time would have had “what” and “why” being interchangeable, but in rereading your message that’s probably not the way you meant it and regardless my use of “Why” was not correct - my bad - LOL.