Set a default calendar for adding events

I’m sure many people are using several calendars simultaneously. Right now it is difficult to control to which calendar an event will be added, it merely depends on which one you have selected. It would be great if it was possible to choose a default calendar for adding events.


Hello, by default your default account’s calendar is used, if your default account does not include calendar support, default calendar setup in the default account settings should be used. However eM Client uses the same condition on mails as well as calendars - if you’re focused on a calendar folder and use the “new” button for calendar event, it should be automatically placed in the focused calendar.

If you’re accepting invitations, calendar account (service) assigned to the email address will be used for adding the calendar into the default calendar folder.



am I missing something here? When I try to set a calendar as default I get a dialogbox telling me that only email accounts can be set to default.

This is a pitty. I am working with CalDav calendars and show the calendars for my whole family. Now when I add a new event it gets added to whatever calendar was last clicked. This way I (and reading the forum obviously many others too) tend accidently add events to the wrong calendars. So it would be great having the option to set a default account for calendar and addressbook as well.