[SERVERBUG] errors with email

eM Client is incorrectly sending email from my web site to junk and then giving me the following error message: [IMAP] unable to upload message “subject message” to folder “Junk E-Mail”. ([SERVERBUG] BUG: unknown internal error.

So far this appears to happen only with this client and only with the email address.

this is actually a serverbug exactly as the error suggests, what mail service are you using?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

This is from my hosting company. the email would be [email protected]
I hope that is what you are looking for.

Hi, not really, what host are you using for your mail/web hosting then?

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The site is hosted with Bigscoots. We had this problem back in February and testing with a different client showed no problems. We then forced SSL and changed the hostnames to use the SSL hostnames, and that seemed to fix the problem until last weekend.

Using eM Client ver 6


Hi, can you please tell me the exact version number of your application, you can find it in Help > About.
Also could you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on IMAP logging for the problematic account, save the settings and when you receive the error again, go back to the advanced settings window again and click on send logs.

Also add my email to copy of the email with the logs ([email protected]) and include a link to this forum topic please.

Please make sure the error occurs while the logging is on.

Thank you,