"Server says unathorized"

Just downloaded & started using eMclien, so it’s the latest version. It found and loaded the ms Live account without incident. When I tried to setup the (dot)frontier.com account (twice) I keep getting the title message. After canceling the message, it downloads mail from the account anyway; the message is just a concern. Notice another post you asked, so I’ll say in advance that frontier is hosted by Yahoo.

Hello Tom,
this is a known issue we have with Yahoo servers.
The problem is with incorrect setup of CardDAV/CalDAV server.
Fixing the correct server is always temporary, as yahoo keeps changing their settings.
I suggest disabling the CardDAV/CalDAV server in Tools>Accounts under General tab.
This will stop your contacts synchronization though, so I suggest moving your contacts to the Local folder.


How does one do that. Tried changing to Anonymous, but that does help. There is not an option to disable.

Hello Tom,
hopefully this screenshot will help you: