server says "system failure"

I keep getting 2 Password Required boxes, the first saying "Server says ‘system failure: getting database connection’. It has my username and password filled in, so I click OK. Then a second box pops up saying: Server says ‘system failure:getting database connection’. It too, has my username and password filled in. I click OK and it goes away and email downloads. My Inbox is already open and sometimes already has new emails or then it downloads new ones. Both boxes have checked to save my password. I am using POP3.       This has begun happening many times a day and is annoying. It used to occur once a week or two.  My license is activated and I can’t figure a reason for it.

Could be a problem with the server. Which email provider are you using?

Comporium which is local internet and email in S.C.

Sorry, I don’t have experience with Comporium.

One thing you could do is check your account settings in Menu > Tools > Accounts. On the POP3 tab check that you have port 995 and security policy Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).