Server says "invalid username/password"

Diagnostics come back ok, Yahoo mail is sent and received. Yet the system keeps giving me the following message. Server says “invalid username/password”

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According to the link you provided, the only option people are suggesting is to eM Client for Post Box or that eM Client does not have a solution to the problem. I am looking for a solution.

My colleague Navara wrote: The Yahoo! CalDAV and CardDAV APIs (ie. calendar and contacts) intermittently respond with “401 invalid username/password” for all requests. We have described the error and reported it, but there’s not much we can do about it. It seems that we can at least recognize these responses from true “Unauthorized” errors with wrong username and/or password. If we don’t receive a response we will implement a workaround.

We are currently working on the workaround so you can expect it in the next update. I cannot provide you any instant solution now - sorry.

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This is a $50.00 client! Haven’t bought it yet but will think twice if this kind of un-fixable thing is going to be happening.

I am in the middle of leaving eM Client because lately these error messages became so annoying that it seems eM client will never be fixed. The errors were getting. so bad that it started to show up on my gmail, in addition to my Yahoo.


Unfortunately this is issue on Yahoo’s side with their authentication servers. WE really can’t do much more then just waiting until they will fix it. We have introduced workarounds for this so at least we work better than Thunderbird and Outlook but that is as much as we can do at this moment.

I hope that they will fix this really soon, for us it is not good also to tell users that there are problems without solution at the moment.

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It seems for me that I found the problem and solution.

On Yahoo, like Gmail the email account setting is set on with enhanced security, like the Gmail 2-step verification system. This creates a conflict with eM Client, whereas the eM Client only enters the password.

Finally today, after using Outlook for awhile, I came across that Yahoo has a system like Gmail, which is called App Password. I created a special app password for eM Client to retrieve my email, and the problem seems to be resolved.


Yahoo IMAP is really working for you without any issue?