Server meldet: Authentication credentials invalid


My email opens a window with this text. I should write my password in, but i don’t know it anymore. I can ask for a new password, but this is sent to my emailadress of Mclient which i can not open. Do somebody know how it is possible to send the Link for a new password to another emailadress? Thanks a lot

If eM Client is now prompting for a username / password now, it could be that your mailbox access has changed to a new type of authentication and nothing to do with your password.

However first go to your mailbox online via your webmail and see if you can login there.

If you can login ok online to your webmail you can then get your password there. Then contact your mailbox technical support to see if anything has changed at your mailbox server end with the way you need to login. Tell them you are getting asked for a password now.

Some mail accounts have changed from the old username and password to automatic logins with OAuth tokens. So yours might have too and may now need a different account setup. So verify with them what settings are required.

Now if you cannot login to your webmail online via a browser, then contact your mailbox technical support to get your password reset.

Hi Cyberzork

Thanks a lot for your help! I am gonna try this. Do you have a Phone number or an Emailadress of the mailbox technical support. I couldn’t find any info on their homepage. Thanks.

Greetings Martin

Do you have a Phone number or an Email address of the mailbox technical support

Who hosts your mailbox? What’s the website address.