server does not recognize my account all of a sudden.

I was sending and receiving email until just recently. All of a sudden the server says it does not recognize my account. Why?

I don’t understand why everything was functioning properly and all of a sudden the server quit recognizing my account, Fix it at your end as nothing was done at this end to change anything.

Do I need to call or are you going to do anything? I could go to another service if I have to.

Ahh, yes another one…

What the error message? “All of a sudden the server says it does not recognize my account.” doesn’t really let anybody know what could be the possible cause is rather than - it not working for you.

Error message, who’s your mail provider? Who’s your ISP? More information is need it for anyone to help you rather than ranting - It not working! Fixed it! Or I’m going to other camp!

If you have a paid Pro license, you would have dedicate support to contact to. For every free users, there’s this community based support where some eM Client staff “participate here”.