Serious delete problem

This is the second time this happened and I’ve only had this program for a day.When I try to delete the trash folder the entries will not delete. Repeated attempts to delete cause the titles to chane to “dummy” and they will not delete either.
I am ready to uninstall

What version of eM Client were you using? You can look it up in Help -> About.


It should have been fixed before this version - please, try our newest major version from… .

This worked, thank you.

Guys - this is still happening. 2 years and this bug is not fixed. I have the screen shot to prove it. I am using version 5.0.19001.0. I often see this happening when deleting emails while in my Smart > Unread folder.

If I had to guess - I would say that some race condition is happening when I hit the delete button and when the function to mark as read is run. I have my “mark as read” setting set to 0 seconds, and this seems to be happening when I delete the email immediately after clicking on it.

so when you delete email a while after it is marked as read it is not happening?

anyway I will need to know what email domain do you use and if possible send me one of those emails saved as .eml (and added as attachment) to and together with this topic’s url in subject.


I use the Gmail domain.

I’m not sure if I can save it as .eml - once I leave the “Unread” smart folder it is gone forever. I think this is only a display problem, the email is not actually there in eM Client any more.

I suspect that this is happening due to the mark as read feature in a race with the delete feature. I have mark as read set to “0” seconds. So as soon as I click on the email, eM Client is sending a message to Gmail to mark the email as read. But then I delete the email. So by the time eM Client gets a confirmation signal from Gmail, the mail is already deleted from eM Client. So eM Client gets confused and shows the email because the original email is gone already.

Something like that.

if the email is faulty I will see it in its code, that might give me a hint what could go wrong.
Without that .eml I am unable to get clue what might be wrong.


It is not any specific email - it is all of them. It can happen to any email. It happens only once in a while.

so if it will happen again could you export that email?


Sure… but… how do you export a deleted email? :slight_smile:

I can try clicking on the email and try exporting that… but I am not sure if that will work.

I see now, no I mean that dummy all the time, I am sorry for confusing you.


This happened again. Today I updated to 6.0.19660.0. After doing this, every time I delete a message, it disappears to Trash. Instead of it comes a message from, sized 0b and sent to “undisclosed recipients” with no recipients included. The message can not be deleted or moved by dragging it to Trash. It disappears after changing view to any other folder and then returning to Inbox.
Very clearly this seems to be a bug. What should I do?

I have the same problem this morning after updating to 6.0.19660.0…

Hi, this is not topic for reporting issues in RC version.

Anyway this was resolved in this RC2 update:…

Excellent and fast work - thanks!

you are welcome :slight_smile: