Separate multiple catogories in grouped lists

Imagine a list view of categorized contacts:

John Dee
Willy Bee

GROUP-HEADER: Custumors, Key-accounts
Dolphin Doublecategorized

GROUP-HEADER: Key-accounts
Sue Sunshine
Jil Jingle

See the bug? Dolphin should be listed twice (under the first and the last group). The middle group does not even exist as a category.

That needs to be fixed soon.

That way groups are not more usefull than folders because multi group assignments lead to single group interpretation in lists. Imagin you at would like to send an email to all „Customers“ and do so by selecting all under that category. Surprinsingly you missed the most worthy 100 because those had the additional “Key-accounts”. Thus, the most important ones will not be forgotten.

Don’t say “use distribution lists“ – we are talking about the usefullnes of categories (n:n assinment) instead of folders (n:1-assignment), regardless of what the user needs categories for (e.g. contacts may be “Business, Finance, Golf partners“)

Thank you for reporting this issue - I will forward it to our developers.

I don’t expect any more that things will change.
Categories are a night mare.
Synching several accounts that have same category names doubles them.
Right clicking to change the categories of a contact takes a minute of waiting until the list of (about 60) categories is build up.
Picking a category from an unordered list is since early versions very time consuming and not fixed.

What are you doing all the time?

Categories are planned to be changed in 6th version

Never seen this issue from any user (if possible to recreate this issue send me screenshot here and write exacts steps how to recreate this.

this is PC (hdd) performance issue, on my ssd it is instant with 134 categories

in tools - category you can make order like you need, then it will show like this when categorizing an email.

with regards

With “this“ you mean the performance issue of contact categories? How to make a screenshot of the time between right click and display of the context menu? I can reproduce the long time on any computer that is connected to my dav account.

Sorting of categories: I I sync contacts to a service like Google or import from Outlook, I receive a lot of unsorted categories. Those can duplicate existing categories and make manual sorting a night mare (takes an hour to sort all through).

It is nearly impossible to remove duplicate categories due to the fact killing one is removing it from all objects it has been assigned to before, even if there is a duplicate category left. I tend not to use categories at all… Well, I need categories!


I wanted screenshot of that issue (doubled items and not sorted categories in Tools - categories and then in right click drop down menu) since categories are sorted manually.
Delay of categories is most likely PC performance issue, they need to be loaded before they are shown.

Anyway I need to see that/those screenshots in order to imagine how exactly that issue looks.

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Instead of this, each group should be only a single category (as in other PIMs like Notes, Outlook, etc.).
Contacts that belong to more than one category should be listed under each single category.

What about that bug?
6.0.19404 (“beta 2”) does not fix it so far.


I am sorry for my delayed answer, but in other topic I had informed that this is not bug but missing feature.

We want to have it like you have described, but it takes more time than just rewriting few lines of code. So unfortunately at this moment I can’t provide closer date of release/repair.



first I want to congratulate you to this nearly perfect e-mail client.
I am glad to read, that you are working on the here proposed modification of the groups. That would have been my first request for an improvement, after I tested em-Client the first time.

In this context i think, it would be a very helpful feature, if there were the possibility to decide, whether the groups will shown collapsed or expanded, by default. Or the program will remind the last selection of this feature. That would be very helpful, having a thousands of Contacts.

Do you think, this is realizable?

looking forward to a reply

Hi, unfortunately we do not plan to implement this in close future.