Separate eM database settings are not unique

I am running eM Client 8.2 using the command line /dblocation to access two separate databases. When I change the location of the backup target directory Menu => Settings => Backup, that change shows up in both databases (this occurs with other settings as well). Are the eM settings stored somewhere else than in the database?

Example: I start eM using database #1 and change the backup location setting, then when I start eM using database 2 it shows that changed backup location also.

Yes, using the /dblocation parameter, there are some settings that will not be specific.

Thangs Gary. Do you know where eM Client stores its settings? Seems like it must not be in each database otherwise the settings would be unique.

Thx for you response.

@range1776 I found settings in the Windows registry at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\eM Client

The backup target directory and other settings are there.

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Yes, this is so that the Windows Task Scheduler can execute the backup. Both the source and targets are listed in that key.

That is also why, if you have more than one database, only the one registered in Menu > Settings > General > Storage (so the same in the registry key) will be backed up.