Separate Accounts in the control panel

The design for showing multiple accounts in the control panel makes no sense. I have 2 accounts that show in the control panel, first one is Gmail and the other is for my business. My Gmail has about 30 labels that I use. When the Gmail account is open, the number of labels/folders pushes the account for my business so low that I need to scroll to see it. So now to enter my business account, I need to scroll, find it, and click the account to see the inbox and find out if I have new email.

Thunderbird showed all your accounts at the top of the control panel. If there was new mail in that account it would be in bold with a number for unread messages. Clicking that account brought you to the inbox and then displayed the folders in the control panel. Why can’t this be implemented? It is much cleaner, makes more sense, and is a better use of space.

Hi, this is not problem, eM Client is designed like this and we do not to change it.

But can you please clarify what design you mean exactly? First you are writing about Tools - Account and then it seems like you jump directly to account folders in left side panel.


Thanks for looking into this. Please look at the screenshot below. As you can see I have 2 accounts - Gmail and Business. Because of how the left hand column is designed in emClient, I cannot see my Business account when I’m in my Gmail account. Instead, I need to scroll all the way down in the left hand column to find my Business account then click on it. In contrast, using Thunderbird, the Gmail and Business accounts are always available at the top and I can see how many unread messages there are. Only the folders for the account you have opened are shown below the Accounts.

I see what you mean, but still I stand by my original post.