Separat icon for calendar on taskbar

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I constantly switch between mails and the calendar. I know that I can open two windows of emclient, one showing the mails, the other one showing the calendar. But is it possible that these two windows also have separate icons on the Windows taskbar?

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There are separate taskbar icons, but they may be grouped. Just hover over the taskbar icon, and you will see the two windows that are open.

I could previously ungroup taskbar icons, so they would appear side-by-side, but I see in the version of Windows 11 I am using, Microsoft have now removed the setting to do that. The option may still be there in earlier versions of Windows.

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I’m still using Windows 10 and can ungroup the icons, but this setting is affecting all applications. And I only want it for emclient to have a separate icon for the calendar. It’s not a big problem, but maybe someone knows a little hack. :slight_smile:

I’m still using Windows 10 and can ungroup the icons, but this setting is affecting all applications

I doubt you would find a Windows mod to only allow specific icons on the task bar to separate and not all of them. That would be a special mod which I suspect you would have to write yourself.

Now for Windows 11 there is many third party programs currently out there to ungroup Windows 11 taskbar icons and move icons around on the taskbar the same as Windows 10 did. One such program is called “StartAllBack” as per the Android Authority link below.

Ps Hopefully Microsoft though get their official update soon to fix that without using third party options. I’ve heard from the technet forums it’s not far away. Hopefully in the next month or so.

How to ungroup taskbar icons in Windows 11

Quote - “A third-party app called StartAllBack is designed to fix most annoyances that Windows users may have with Windows 11. Thankfully, it also lets you ungroup taskbar icons. After downloading the app, click the downloaded file to open the installer. Click Install for me or Install for everyone, depending upon your preference”.

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