Sent not current after sending out an email

If I send out a mail. it takes longer than usual to display the message as an entry in the send folder. What does prevent the sent folder to updated after the message has left the outbox?

I do use a send delay, so i am aware that the message is sitting in the outbox to be delivered the moment after that.

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In most cases when you click Send, the message is uploaded to the server and the local copy is deleted. Once the server has actually sent the message, it creates a copy in the Sent folder, and as soon as eM Client syncs that folder from the server, the message will be visible there.

Normally it happens within a second or two, but if there is some delay uploading the message to the server, some issue on the server, or some issue syncing back to eM Client, then it may take a bit longer.

Thank you Gary for your explanation, that helps. Not sure if the smtp server is slower than usual or my local system is lacking…
I see lots of errors within the cef.log file. Is this related some how?