Sent messages dissappear

I use eM Client with a Gmail Account (IMAP) and multiple accounts enabled for SMTP only to send mail from different accounts.

Messages sent from the Gmail account are visible in the IMAP Sent Folder, as well as the message from 1 of the three identical accounts used for outbound mail. Sent messages from the other two accounts don’t appear in the IMAP Sent folder, or iunder “Local Folders/Sent” (All three accounts connect to the same provider, with the same settings.

“Save copy of sent…” is ticked in settings.

I have MS Outlook installed my computer, but can’t use it due to terrible IMAP support. I hope there is a solution, workaround for this issue.

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can I ask what provider do you use for those accounts which causes problems? If possible can you check if those emails are synchronized to their servers and if you are not by some accident deleting them from another device?

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My outbound mail goes through Mimecast - simple SMTP send. Inbound mail not configured for those accounts, everything comes back in through Gmail IMAP.

I would understand the situation better of none of the outbound SMTP were saved anywhere - but SOME of the mail sent out from the other SMTP accounts actually gets synched back to Gmail sent items, but I haven’t been able to discern any pattern.

this is very weird behaviour - emails sent from one account synchronized to another…

can you check that you have not overlooked what email account’s folder you have active?

If this is not the cause then I could use look into SMTP logs, tools - settings - advanced, check SMTP under your account and apply.
Then simulate your issue (this issue has to be done while recording otherwise logs will not tell me anything), after this send logs… to [email protected] together with this topic’s url in subject.
then you can turn logging off.

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I am having trouble with sent messages too…

I use HOTMAIL.  I have cleared out all my accounts in eM Client many times and run into this same issue eventually.  It only started a few months ago.

Right now, I see sent messages back to 12/4/2014 (today is 12/12/2014), then the next message it shows in the sent folder is 8/12/2010. doesn’t have the messages shown as missing AND Windows Live Mail shows the sent messages there too.  It is only in the eM Client app that it doesn’t have the messages.  Which is a real problem because I sell digital goods that are delivered via email!  Without these messages as history, I don’t know what’s sent unless I use another app.