Sent messages being deleted automatically after a few days...can't find setting to change this...

I use Comcast email and ever since installing eM Client the Sent messages are disappearing after a few days. Is there a way to adjust this so that they are never deleted?

Are the disappearing from the Sent email folder? I don’t believe there is a setting in eM Client to automatically delete sent email after a particular length of time,

You say that you are using Comcast email. Are you using POP or IMAP? Also, have you checked on the Comcast servers to see that there is not a particular setting there to clean out your Sent email after a certain amount of time?

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Yes the Sent messages folder. IMAP. I’ve got them set to never delete on both the server and my apple devices.

Check to make sure you don’t have any rules on the server or client that would delete messages.

Also, what setting are you referring to that is set to never delete?

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Yes I did check on the server and there are no rules active at all. At the server level there is an option to automatically delete messages in the sent folder after a certain period of time… I have it set to never delete them. Same thing with my Apple devices… The option to automatically delete is there but I have it set to “never delete”