Sent mail messages in EM client sent folder but not in Apple icloud email sent folder

I am using the Apple mac operating system 10.14.5 Mojave (latest version).  I only use my Apple Mail icloud email in my EM Client, no other email addresses.  When I send a message from EM Client it saves it in the EM client sent folder but it does not appear at all in my Apple Mail icloud sent folder.  I think this may have started since the latest upgrade.  I am on EM Client version 7.2.35666.0.  I have checked icloud junk and other folders but cannot find the sent messages within Apple Mail at all.  Of course when I am away from home I may need to see them so I do need them to appear in Apple mail as well.  I really like EM Client and want to continue using it!

Are messages sent using Apple Mail visible in the eM Client Sent folder?