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I’m testing the trial version and wanted to ask if it is possibile not to show the following lines:
Sent from eM Client |

when you reply to an email (automatically added by eM Client).
I cannot find an option in the Tools/Settings menu choice.
Maybe in the paid version only?

Hello Tony,
by trial version you mean you haven’t entered any activation code or that you are using the free license? Can you please send us screenshot of Help -> License window to

“Sent from eM Client” signature isn’t added when you have Pro license or are in trial period.



I understand why you added the automatic “Sent from eM Client” signature line to v 3. but could you respond to this question:

Why did you choose to make this change WITHOUT informing users that it was one of the changes in v 3.0? Other more minor changes were noted, but not this. Why?

You are of course free to do as you wish with your product, but it raises legitimate questions as to whether eM Client is being honest and open with it’s user community, or whether this is the beginning of a new and less honest attitude towards your users.

An open response to this question would be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you.

There is lot of good email clients and general rule is to make home users satisfied as much as possible, because they will use the same software payment version in offices (as I do). Adding anything to email is not so nice, especially if someone uses payd email accounts that are ad-free.

If you want to win this clients competition, you should consider leave email ad-free, otherwise users just choose s***y Thunderbird.

Free licences to home users give you more than adding advertisements imho.


Nothing is for free. That having been said, I’m going to make two valid points. 1) There are lots of free email clients, and home power users are not going to put up with unprofessional-looking garbage on their outgoing emails. 2) You should have a Home license in addition to the Free and Pro versions. For half the price. Easy enough to do, just disable the AD and server domain linkage if it is a Home license activation code.

Home license would have unlimited accounts and no rubbish advertising on outgoing emails, but also no ability to connect to domain servers. And also have just forum support. Forcing Home users to pay Business price for eM Client is short-sighted, to be charitable in my wording. Doesn’t have to be free, just discounted. Half of what Pro license costs sounds fair, considering what WLM, Opera, and Thunderbird cost.

Previous poster makes a valid point. Word-of-mouth recommendations are valuable. I do IT consulting, and I get inquiries from unhappy Outlook users. Plus, I’m the “friends and family tech support” guy. Making it difficult on home users that can make office recommendations is not smart, and I’m not talking just me here. Provide a good professional product at a reasonable price that works well to home users, and you’re liable to find those same home users demanding it at the office, too. Including decision-makers, like me.

Add a Home license, in addition to Free and Pro!

Totally agree as I’m one of the person that thinks there’re other alternative that eM Client can’t afford to enforce that footer. However the new version no longer requires you to get a Pro license to disable the footer.

So get the new version and give it another try.