Sent emails not saved

Using Mac version 8.1 (also broken in previous version). Gmail account. Sent emails are not saving in the Sent mail folder. It is checked off in preferences. Don’t see them in All Mail. They are going into the Trash folder for some reason. Works properly with Outlook for Mac and from iPhone mail app. Please help.

Do you have a rule that may explain why you sent email is moved to trash, something similar to the rule below?


No rule has been created

So this is happening in the Windows version as well. Sent email gets put in gmail trash. Very disappointed with this client.

I think if this is happening in both Mac and Windows, and you did not copy your eM Client settings across from one to the other, then this is happening at the server. You might want to contact your provider and see if there is some issue.

This does happen on any other client. Outlook mac and windows work fine. Mac mail fine. Gmail web gui fine.

I don’t normally use Gmail for messaging in eM Client, but I tried it with the latest version and I am not able to reproduce this issue.

Hopefully some other Gmail users can offer some insight as to what is happening.

Does this mean that the sent messages you cannot see in eM Client you can see in the webmail interface?

If that is so, back in eM Client right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair.

em Client puts the sent email in the trash. The other clients put it in the sent folder like it is suppose to.