Sent emails not deleted on server when deleted in EmClient

EmClient latest version w/lifetime upgrades
OS Win11 Pro

I have set my accounts to work under IMAP protocol.
All the emails I receive or send using rules I keep copies to local folders.
At the end of the day I delete all emails in the IMAP sent folder.
Done this I get the impression that all sent emails contained in server’s sent folder are deleted.
When entering the webmail, I see that in the sent foder there are 100 or more emails not deleted.
My conclusion is that EmClient does nor search deeply enough the server’s sent folder.
I believe that this will be a point for correction in a future release or please provide a workaround.

The messages in the Sent folder are created by the server in most instances. In that scenario a Rule will not delete those because they are not placed there by eM Client when you click Send, so the Rule has nothing to act on at that time. They only appear in the Sent folder later.

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My questiion was clear.
Why when I delete an email in Em Client is not also deleted on the webmail server?
My Emclient sent folder shows 0 messages but the webmail server shows 100 or more.
I always have to delete them myself.

I am not talking about rules interventions for this matter.

It may be a server issue.

As you have a Pro license open a support ticket with us and we can certainly investigate further by looking at some logs. You can do that by clicking on Menu > Help > Get VIP Support.