Sent emails into trash folder ?

Hi, I’ve been using the eM Clent release Candidate #2 and I really like the look of it.
However I’ve found one problem: when I send an email, the email is sent ok, but it puts a copy of my sent email into my trash folder !!! any ideas ?

I could not reproduce the problem - do you use any rules?

I’m running version 5 of eM Client and just noticed this happening as well. It’s a gmail email account. Emails are sent ok, a copy is placed in the Sent folder, but an unread copy is also being placed in the Trash folder.

I think this just started happening within the past few days.
Is there a known problem currently with gmail that would cause this?

I think it’s a known problem that when writing/editing a message, a copy is saved periodically to the drafts folder. Then when the message is sent, all those drafts are moved to the trash.

When using Gmail, it happens because eM Client moves all unused Drafts to Trash folder so it may appear that it deletes Sent messages.

Exactly! As for now, we cannot fix it.