Sent email not showing up as sent! Troubleshoot please!

I sent an email with a bunch of pictures (too many, I know) but it’s been about a half an hour and nothing is showing up whether it was denied or sent. I spent a considerable amount of time writing the email and didn’t copy it. So I don’t want to loose it completely. What can I do?

Hi, can you see the email in your sent folder?

Thank you,

Hey paul,
This email isn’t showing up anywhere. It’s sent using a Yahoo account and I’ve tried sending all messages from just that account and no beans.

If it doesn’t send that’s fine, I’d just like to recover the email so I can send it without the pictures.

AND I do keep getting STMP and IMAP errors. Is it just that I use a Yahoo account?

Alright, figured it out, I didn’t look at the OUTBOX… stupid of me. Got the email that wasn’t sending because of too many attachments, broke it down, and finished.

I AM having a problem with my Yahoo accounts though. I keep having to enter the passwords all the damn time. I get an error message but I’m still sending and receiving messages. I know for sure the passwords are correct. Anyways, if there is a setting I can tweek, I’d be very interested in keeping these damn password error messages from popping up.


Tony chips Chiappetta

Hi, we’re having some slight compatibility issues with Yahoo, you could get rid of the constant errors by going to Tools > Settings > General and uncheck “Show window when an error occurs”. This way you should get rid of most errors, however I believe if it asks for authentication that window will be still shown.

Hope this works for you until we fix these issues.
Thank you,

Thank you very much! Love the app aside from Yahoo being shitty!

I appreciate the feedback. We’re glad you like the application.
Another idea for the password requests, if you’re not using yahoo calendars and contacts you can disable the calendar service in Tools > Accounts > Yahoo account > Calendar tab.


Hello Mr McGregor,
Just wanted to pass a word on to you. Over the past 2 weeks now the damn password box pops up an insane amount of times. It seems like every time the software tries to access my Yahoo accounts, the password box pops up, and I click OK or Close, and the same account keeps coming up. I can click either OK or Close about 3 times each account and it goes away. The email is coming in and syncing with the folders but I’m having issues of sending… I’ve tried a few other email clients and they all had the same issue. I like your format and would love to continue to use it BUT… I end up using the Yahoo page more often than not because of the sending issue.

Hi Tony, I believe we have found a solution for this issue in the meantime.
If you receive the “Unauthorized” window from your yahoo account again.

I believe you’ll see that your login name in that window will contain domain, delete the and leave just your username ([email protected] => name). And click on OK.

This might solve this issue.

Thank you, let me know if this works for you,