Sent email Fails

When i try to sent a new email i always receive this error message.

[SMTP]Cannot send message (Email body not accepted due to the following reason:
"Requested action aborted: The maximum number of sent messages is exceeded. Please try later.

Sometimes this error can be related to eg: “Not enough storage space” on your outgoing mail server, or Your smtp server “may have a limit per day” of how many emails you can send, or could be not correct SMTP server settings.

1). First thing i would do is check your cloud mail disk space quota via your browser, and make sure you have enough space left.

2). Also check with your SMTP server support to see if they have any restriction on amount of sent emails per day.

3). Lastly double check with your SMTP Server support the SMTP mail settings you should be using.

The problem is related to the limit per hour, but the strange is this was my first email sent today and i soon received this error message.