SendTo > Recipent open eM Client but not a mail

After a discussion with a friend on eM Client, I see that I have the same problem as him.

Right click on a file> Send to> Recipient opens eM client but not an email with the attached file.
The solution to add the shortcut
“C: \ Program Files (x86) \ eM Client \ MailClient.exe”
C: \ Users \ MyName \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ SendTo
works but without the choice of weight of a photo to be sent for example


  1. em Client is the default mail software.
  2. SendTo> Recipient works fine with other mail software which is set by default…

Right click / Send to Mail Recipient on any file opens eM Client (and the attached file included) for me no problem using eM Client V8.2.1659 for Windows.

Make sure that eM Client is set to the defaults for “MAILTO” file type options in Settings.

Windows 10 example below.


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Thank you for your reply.
Here are the settings I have. So the problem does not come from there.

As you have the MAILTO: file type set correctly and is not attaching the files when you right-click / send to “Mail Recipient” then either you have a problem with the installation of eM Client or you have a problem with Windows itself.

First backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then uninstall eM Client and “Don’t delete the database on uninstall” when asked. Then reinstall eM Client from the version history page and then reboot your computer and see if that fixes the issue.

If reinstalling eM Client doesn’t fix the issue then you have some sort of Windows issue.

After a uninstall/reinstall eM Client (even without restarting the PC), everything works fine for Send to> Recipient.
Thanks again for the help.