Sends but only receives some of the incomming messages

I have been using eMClient for a few years using the free version with no problems but then recently it has acted strangely in that it receives lots of mail from various sources but not if I send it mail from another computer, I use Thunderbird as a backup and it still works. I went to Menu/help/lisc and deactivated and then activated with an activation key supplied by eMClient. Failed the first time but when repeated it worked OK All indications are that it worked except it still does not receive messages. Using eMClient to send and using Thunderbird to receive proves that eM is sending OK, just not receiving messages from myself. A test message sent from my wife’s computer arrived at my Thunderbird OK but not eM. Yet eM receives many messages on a routine basis.


Perhaps a misconfigured RULE?

I made no changes to any rules.

Did you look for the missing messages in the Junk folder in eM Client?

Are you getting any IMAP errors in Menu > Operations > Log tab?