Sends 2 messages instead of 1

Hello; newbie here. Just downlded & installed 7.0.26687 and is VERY NICE. However, when I send a message, it ‘appears’ that 2 messages get sent. Any help/ideas ? Thank you.

Yes. Every time I send an attachment, I see 2 emails are being sent. Please help (Hotmail, account setup as  imap)

Are you sure that two emails have been sent or that the Sent Mai folder shows the email twice? There does appear to be a bug where emails will show up twice in the Sent Mail folder. I see it sometimes with emails I send via my Exchange account.

  • Merg

Hello Merg -

OK; I just tested ‘actual SENDING process’ by composing/sending a test note to one of my other e-mail aliases.  Apparently you are correct.  I opened the ‘alias’ and found
just ONE note; however, as you suggest, there are/were TWO copies in the ‘SENT’ folder of the first ‘sending’ e-mail account.  I will also try the ‘reverse’ process to determine if this occurs in BOTH eM mail accounts. BTW; they are BOTH ‘hotmail’ accounts. Thanks for help !!!