Sending via outbox - doubleclick opens read only / not editable (7 Final)

I mentioned this before (for 7 RC) under a different topic with no response from eM staff:

When sending via outbox I might want to use the chance of delayed sending to correct the mail. So it should be possible to reopen the mail from the outbox for editing. A doubleclick opens a read only view though and there is no context menu entry for “edit” either.

What I would expect is that a mail in “outbox” behaves just like one in “drafts” as both have not been sent yet.

Win 10 64; eM 7 Final; Gmail

Hi Andreas,
unfortunately, once message is in Outbox it is a finished message and no longer an editable item. That’s what Drafts are for.
Delayed send technically ‘Sends’ the message to arrive at more convenient time and you can delete it if you decide not to send it.

It is an interesting concept to have this feature work the way you describe though. I’ll change your topic to an Idea thread so our Developers can consider this as a feature request.


OK I see; I had very much hoped for something like the Gmail oder Mailbird “undo send for xx seconds” functionality even if it was not meant that way. To “highjack” the existing function like that as a feature by declaring mails in the outbox “not finished” would be very very welcome!

Interesting: if I flag the outgoing mail it appears in the sidebar in the agenda. So far so clear. If now I open (doubleclick or context menu) the mail that is in the outbox from within the sidebar, it opens editable. A flagged message that is sent does not. So the function I wish for is already halfway there, only in a way that is not really practical. I mention this because that means that the to-be-sent-yet mail is not regarded “finished” throughout the program already.

If I am not mistaken-- this functionality existed in version 6 but is not available in version 7.  It would be a very helpful function!

Great work around!!  Would be nice if programmed in. 

If this is the case I am going to have to roll my father back to the previous version so that feature is returned. Why was it removed?