Sending to mms gateway

EMClient apparently doesn’t recognize and refuses to send to mms email gateways? It’ll send to sms email gateways but not mms gateways. e.g. Will send to but not

Where is the error coming from?

If you get an error by return email from vzwpix, can you post it here.

If it won’t upload to your SMTP server, can you give the error? Go to Menu > Operations, then you will find the SMTP error in the Log tab.


Message won’t even send.

So this means that you have not entered a valid email address in the message. It is not possible to send a message if it does not have a proper email address to send it to.

As I said, the mms email gateway is not recognized by EMClient but sms email gateway is … so sends email but gives an error.

I just sent an email to and it sent without issue.

Make sure whatever characters you have redacted constitute a real email address.