Sending/stopping large emails

Having issues with sending large (<10Mb) attacked photo files.
They disappear from the out box but fail to send. The operations windows shows a green progress bar that eventually stops at about 70% with the attached errors.EmClient Choke|690x405
Every time EmClient is closed it annoyingly announces unsent emails.
How can these stuck emails be removed?
Help appreciated.

Can you supply:
OS Version
eMC Version & release
Any Errors logged?
I notice you are using Hotmail. Does all other (non-attachment) mail work OK?
If you log into Hotmail via a browser - does the Outbox show anything?

Thanks for your reply.
Running Win10 Pro Ver 1909 OS Build 18363.1082.
eMC Ver 7.2.38732.0
The following error is fairly frequent but (non-attachment) mail works fine, small attachments are ok too. The largest recent attachment sent successfully was 12.5MB.
eMC error

A google search tells me that the outbox cannot be viewed with a browser.
From a little reading it appears that hotmail handles large attachments poorly.
I will look into this when I have more time.
Thanks again. Stay safe.

It could be that this problem has been raised before. See below and most likely a SMTP problem with the mail server or maybe even an IP problem with your PC.

There were 4 messages stuck somewhere as they showed up as unsent every time I closed EMc. A few days ago they all cleared and were sent for no reason that I am aware of. During this time all small messages came and went as normal. Go Figure!
Enough time wasted.

Strange! OK John. If you are not going to pursue this any further can you edit the Post Title to include “[Resolved]”. :+1: :mask: