Sending new appointment: nobody@invalid.invalid

My wife and I are using V8. If she creates an appointment and includes me, it sends me an email, I accept the invitation and it is in both our calendars. However, if I do exactly the same process from my computer it does not work:

All is normal to the point where it says do you want to send an invitation - I click “yes”

An email to the invitee (with the correct recipient address) appears in my outbox but does not send. The email has no body, simply to/from/title.

The same email appears in my “unread” but in the listing (i.e. before you go into the email itself) and under “from”, it says “nobody@invalid.invalid”

If I go into the outbox and click “send” the email will be sent and received but obviously there is nothing to click on to accept the appointment

If anyone can advise what the problem might be I will be most grateful.

I have noticed that my wife’s accoubt is set up for IMAP whereas mine is POP3 - could this be the reason?

I have been using eM Client since 2013, always used POP3 and always been able to send invites without problem. This seems to be a new issue.

A quick heads-up from somebody at eMC would be so helpful.

Still waiting … still hoping …

Well … I seem to have solved it for myself … I am posting this as one day it might help others.

I have spent more hours than I care to think about looking at every setting when in fact it was quite simple really …

I have a free licence with two email accounts. When I send an email it automatically defaults to the first of the two accounts which is what I want. So all seemed ok on the “default” front. However, in pouring over the account settings I noticed a button that said “set as default” and realised there was nothing to say either account was actually the default. I clicked and the account that I was viewing was suddenly labelled “default” and hey presto … invitations will now send.

I hope sometime this helps someone else - maybe even eM C themselves :wink: